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So there I was the evening of Monday 9th January minding my own business smiling as I've just left the gym Fitness4Less Watford after an amazing dance session. 😊My car is parked in the nearest carpark called The Gade. I didn't notice him when I arrived, but on walking back to the carpark I spot this very dark shadow sat on the wet cold floor very still head down. As I got nearer he looked up and said "Excuse me do you have any change?" All I have in my purse 👛 is £3.50. I paid my parking ticket which was only £1 and I gave him the rest. This is Mickey aged 38. Lovely lovely guy, very polite, non threatening he told me his story. His mum died and he lived with her in a 3bed council house. When she pasted away the council wouldn't let him stay in the house because it's to big for one person and theirs family's that need it. He had to move out and put himself on the street. He's been living ruff now for 4 and half months however because he never put up a fight and gave the house back. The local council are going to house him. He'll be moving into a one bed flat on January 29th 2017. So he's just got to hang in there till then. Considering his current living conditions Mickey is very positive about life, a decorator by trade. He said he can't wait to get back into work, he's tried but with no residences no one will take him on. However he still remains positive about life and had a great smile. God bless him for still been able to push forward and have faith that things will get better. 🙏🏾 I told him he'd inspired me to see him smiling and keeping positive even though he's sat in the rain and freezing cold. He's inspired me to be more grateful for the life I have! I've no idea if he's story is true, that's not my business that's gods business. I did my little to help so my soul is happy. 👍🏾

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