Recently, reading my Facebook and twitter timelines has become so depressing. With what's going on in The US at the moment, in Syria, and the all-too-regular terrorism, the refugee crisis, global warming denial etc. Even the venom being hurled at people of conscious here in the U.K. People like JK Rowling, Gary Lineker and Ricky Gervais who are, in my opinion, right-minded, good people are being mercilessly trolled. Now they can stand up for themselves as they've proved time and time again, but my timelines are full to the brim with negativity.

I wanted to see some positivity, altruism, heroism and kindness. I know that the world is generally full of good things, but you have to work hard to dig them up. They are being drowned out by the bad news. So I wanted to make it easier for people to find positive stories and send a ray of sunshine to as many people as possible.

My wife and I started a Facebook page called Kudo (search for kudofeed if interested) with the aim of sharing as many positive stories of human kindness and bravery as possible to as many people as possible. So far we've got 60+ followers and have had many kind comments, and we've only been publishing for one day. We'll be working hard to spread the message further.

We are opening a twitter account today, and hope to get a website up and running if Kudo takes off. I know that this isn't a totally original idea - that there are others out there sharing good news, but it feels really good to be adding our weight to the movement. And I hope we are bringing something fresh to the table by concentrating on altruism.

As we collect the stories of kindness, humanitarianism and bravery we can feel our own spirits lifting. And we hope that it's doing the same for our followers.

We'd be happy to share positive stories from the members of Just message us from our page.

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