We are very fortunate to live just a few blocks from my son's school so I get to walk him to and from school everyday with our black lab, Odie. I can't even believe it, but when he first started school, I used to drive him there to sit in the carpool lane!!!! I don't even know what I was thinking. The walk is so beautiful, the fresh, clean air is so nice, the sunshine so great. It is such a beautiful, calm, peaceful way to start and end his school day every day. Watching him run down the sidewalk with his dog again and again is truly some of the most cherished memories of my adult life and I often try to "take a picture with my mind" to help ensure that I'll always be able to remember the vision. We get to talk about the day and have a moment together, twice a day, 5x/week and I am so grateful. Lately, we have tried to remember to be even more mindful when walking and have noticed the squirrels and the birds even more. If you are lucky enough to live walking distance from your child's school, I cannot recommend walking with them enough and I am so grateful to have the opportunity.

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