An act of kindness for...

Compliment a stranger

I decided to do this act with my son when I picked him up from school this afternoon, so I told him about the website and the initiative and that I thought that it would be a fun thing for us to do together. Just as I was explaining it to him a little girl ran by me and the cutest little skirt, tights, and Converse and I told her that I loved her outfit! My little one was a little nervous, so he decided just to complement one of his buddies, which I told him was fine and a great start. He told his friend that he really liked his shirt. He then ran over to me and we grabbed his bag and checked out and a few minutes later went to walk out the gate when his little buddy (same little boy he had just complemented) looks up at me and says I love your new haircut (I had just gotten a haircut)! I smiled and I said thank you. I looked at my son with eyes wide open and said "you see??? Look how fast that came back to us!" It was so cool. So just to keep it going, we walk out the gate, and I complement another little boy on his awesome skateboard. We walk 10 feet and I see the boy give his skateboard to another little boy and ask him if he would like to try it. How great is that?! Paid forward right before our very eyes. Not the intention, but a fun surprise result!

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