When you offer a helping hand to someone in need of a little help you never know what you may get in return. A ex Zumba student of mine now a friend. Had to stop all her fitness due to problems with her legs. She's elderly and suffering with sciatica. 😔 Lives on her own and needed some help to clear out some of her cupboards of old clothes and stuff she no longer wants. She had asked me if I could help her as she finds it so painful for her to crouch down. We made a date to start today bags ready for charity shop. I really didn't expect anything but to go there and help her have a clear out. Much to my surprise a gorgeous lunch was made teamed with Cava 🍷 and my favourite for dessert... apple pie and custard. 🤗 I took all the bags to our local charity shop for her. #raok #helpinghand #helpingothers #dosomethingfornothing #kindness #elderly #clearout #lunch #wine #dessert #friends #helpeachother #supportyourelders

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