There's a man sitting at the entrance to the supermarket. He's not European, his skin is dark and his hair is grey. A small dog is lying beside him, and a small tray in front of him invites bypassers to leave a coin or two. The man doesn't speak, he doesn't beg for money with words. He READS. People pass by, hundreds of people, day in, day out. They don't seem to notice the man with the little dog. There's dignity in this silent man. I start to greet him, ask for his name. There's always a name, and there's always a story behind the name. Have you ever thought about why people like him sit in front of supermarkets ? Thousands, and more every day ? You may not be interested, neither in the name, nor in the story behind. But you can start to greet friendly, ask whether something is needed, buy a drink or food, also for the little dog. Kindness doesn't cost anything, just a friendly word and a smile. But never forget that it's a PERSON who is sitting there, who may have seen better days. So next time you see someone sitting in front of a supermarket, with or without dog, think about it. Maybe you ask for the name ... it will make a difference in our world of indifference.
Thank you for reading <3

  • Spain