My thirteen-yearl-old cat was diagnosed with arthrosis over a year ago. He used to sleep with his beloved brother every night in the kitchen. They loved each other very dearly, and had spent their whole lives together since day one. Unfortunately, three years ago his brother passed away; my cat began to sleep all by himself for the first time ever. When we were told about his illness, we realized that not only was he probably feeling lonely at night without his brother, but it was also likely that he was feeling scared and stressed because he was in pain. It just didn't feel right to let him sleep on his own any longer, given that he was chronically sick. So I decided to take him to bed with me every night from now on, even though he wakes up at ridiculous hours of the night only to yell at the wall for now reason, and as a result I hardly ever get a good night's sleep anymore. Even though he steps on my head several times a night--pulling out quite a bunch of hairs in the process--and, of course, waking me up. Even though he doesn't seem to appreciate it at all sometimes and makes it impossible for me to get any sleep. Deep down I know that he behaves strangely because he needs affection and care, now more than ever, so I try to make the best out of it. I genuinely believe that being kind is ALWAYS rewarding, even in situations where no reward--not even a verbal one--is virtually possible. Be kind to yourself, be kind to others--especially animals. Peace 💚

  • Spain