I was at the supermarket getting a few groceries and it was very busy. I reached for my wallet yo pay my bill and realised that I did not have enough money to pay my bill. The gentleman ahead saw my embarresment and quietly paid my bill and stood aside.
I had not realised that he had paid and was trying to explain to the cashier that I had to leave a few of the articles behind when she said thats not necessary because the man ahead of me had paid for me!
I was filled with gratitude and tried to thank him but he brushed away my thanks saying that it would have been sad if I could not have bought the groceries as then I could not have made dinner,
He noticed that what I bought were necessities and decided that he would pay!
Its an act of kindness that I will never forget and its something that I always try to pass on and help others any way that I can!!!

  • Netherlands