One Christmas when my husband and i were shopping for our 10 grandchildren, we were going through the checkout line when we heard two lines a head of us a woman whom was alarmed that she had no money on her debit card to pay for her Christmas groceries. She left the line to find her husband but came back quickly as he said he didn't have any money. She left again to check her bank balance from the small bank machine that was a few feet away and came back in tears saying she didn't understand but her account was empty. She was told then that her groceries were paid for. She couldn't believe it and began crying. While she was running around looking for her husband and checking her account, my husband went over to her till and quietly paid for her groceries then came back to our till and we silently watched how our act of RAC,( random act of kindness) effected her. She said she felt blessed but we were the ones that were truly blessed.

  • Canada