This is poldo my daughter's puppy but since she moved to London he stays with me she tried to keep him with her but after several months she realized that's poldo couldn't stay all day long alone close at home when she was at work moreover in the night he want to play he use to sleep in the daytime so ... no way poldino came back to Sicily and I enjoy to take care of him make a good food for him bring him out for his needs or for to play in the park or just around in the neighborhood shopping, at the supermarket they don't let him inside so he patiently wait for me outside he understands almost everything I mean the words ... if I say ball for sure he go allover at home until he found because he knows that's we will play ... or if I say pappas start to jump and bait because I knows that he will get his best food or let's go out he runs to the front door a word that make him unhappy it's bath he don't like so much water and shampoo !!!

  • Italy