An act of kindness for...

Compliment a stranger

While queueing up for the supermarket cashieron a Friday evening Iw as having a chat with a guy that I had not met for a while and who was actually and by pure coincidence waiting for his turn in the queue to my left. We continued chatting while moving forward, and even did so while putting our shopping on the counter. Which kind irritated the people around us...;until we noticed, and quite intuitively decided to include them - along with the cashiers - in our discussion. At first they were surprised, but it hardly took them more than a few seconds to join in and all together we enjoyed the situation that was so unusual and unexpected because it broke up the anonymity of supermarket shopping and made us have a few minutes of laughter at a place and time where we would not necessarily have expected it ! Now you'll ask me where the "compliment" lies hidden in this episode...I'll tell you. It was unspoken compliments, but perceived as such especially by the cashiers. Including them in the situation, looking and talking to them was an act of consideration, and there's no bigger compliment to a person than offering them our consideration, because it means that they count !

  • Luxembourg