I set my daily gratitude reminder everytime I step out the door of my apartment and in the moment I go to bed. In the morning I feel simply a privileged to be out there and breath the air, see the sky (yeah, grey is not my fav colour but winter can't last forever, right?), walking heading to the place I have to reach meeting people on my way. When I go to bed I feel extremely grateful for all the people I met during the day, for the goals I have achieved, for the little mistakes that taught me some lessons, for the friends who have shared their time with me and for the people I love that are somewhere else is this world. To be thankful for what you ARE, for the people who are there for you, for the simply reason you are ALIVE really makes you realise that no matter what blue period your are going through, EVERYTHING can be solved in a way or in another, but you are freaking LUCKY to be here and to have the opportunity to fix your problems. Stay positive and stay nice. Life is on your side ;)

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