A few friends and myself decided to start a project in which we would distribute food around the city centre to people who have been forced to live in the streets by life circumstances. So we decided to do the first night shift on valentine's day, where apparently everyone's busy doing other stuff, but for them it's just another Tuesday where the necessity of searching something to eat overcomes conventionalism. Real human beings with real problems. We prepared each different kinds of food (hot sandwiches, soup, heart-shaped chocolate cake...) and gave it to people we were finding. We never imagined how many people is actually sleeping in the streets, old people, young people, families, pairs... They were many with different stories each. One was from Cuba who came to spain 6 years ago, others came from an itinerary circus and the list goes on.
I feel lucky and honored by having had the chance to sit and listen to them and I hope we could make at least a tiny difference and could make that night a bit easier to them.

Happy Valentines Day

  • Spain