Dear Kindness.ORG team and all kindness supporters,

Hello! Good/Morning/Afternoon/Evening and Assalaam Alaikum from Dubai,

I hope this message finds you all well?

I watched a video published on Facebook last year that inspired me to support your initiative.

I will make it a personal mission to educate, support, document, assist and perform small acts of kindness in Dubai, UAE and my home city of Manchester, UK.

I'd just like to tell you about a lady called Jillian Gay. Jillian is assistant Food and Beverage manager at my local TGI Friday's Jumeriah Road Branch, Dubai, UAE.

I met her a couple of months ago while eating dinner with my husband.

Jillian brought drinks over to our table and I refused mine because it had a straw.

Jillian was interested to learn why.

I explained that turtles and other marine life ingest straws and plastic bags and die.

Jillian listened carefully and left us to eat our dinner.

Yesterday I saw Jillian again at another branch of TGI Friday's and she instantly recognised me. It had been almost 4 months since the first initial conversation about turtles and plastic reduction and waste.

She walked over to our table and was very happy to inform me that she had stopped using plastic bags and now asked all customers at TGI's if they wanted a straw with their drink.

I was overwhelmed and surprised by her admission. I was so pleased that she had listened to my concerns and had acted to reduce her own plastic consumption and was educating others in the process.

Well! Wonders never cease, wouldn't you agree?

So there you have it, education, a good listener and small acts of kindness are the key to saving endangered turtles, marine life and precious eco systems around our glorious planet.

Best wishes to everyone for their acts of kindness and initiatives.

Thank you for sharing all your wonderful stories at

Your friend and supporter in the United Arab Emirates.

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