The terrace of the restaurant was full with people. Not surprising, it was a sunny day and lunchtime. It was the first time I had come here for lunch, somebody had recommended it to me. I saw no waitor, just a big, blond woman behind the bar. Obviously, she had to manage on her own. Hard job, especially on such a busy day. I ordered my meal and was delighted to find it tasty and well cooked. By the time I had finished, most of the guests had left to spend the rest of the day on the beach. I ordered my bill and when I paid, I told the woman how delicious it had been and that I sure would come back another day. She looked at me and after a second, she broke into tears. I was shocked. What had I done to make her cry like that ? Was she in any kind of trouble that nobody knew about ? I could not resist to hug her and slowly, she stopped crying and dried her tears. I asked her if I could do anything for her. At last, she smiled and then she gave me an answer that I have never forgotten ever since: "I'm sorry", she said, "it's just that it has been such a long time since someone has spoken to me in such a friendly way. Thank you for your kind words".
I was speechless, and sad.
Any act of kindness, however small it may appear to us, can mean so much to someone else. It can make such a difference in someone's daily routine. Just look around you and sure you'll find someone who needs a friendly word, maybe right next to you, right now.
What are you waiting for ?

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