In 2012 when I was diagnosed with severe emphysema, I also received a miracle of joyfulness. After adjusting to my diagnosis, I began to feel extremely happy and even blissful almost all the time. This state of mind has led me down a path of wanting to help others as my most important thing to do. Over the past four years, I have made it my purpose to first and most importantly, be kind to others. Have any of you had the amazing experience of seeing on YouTube Brother David Steindl-Rast and Ajahn Brahm? They talk eloquently about kindness being the first priority. I am now 74 years old and almost all of my friends and family have been shockingly diagnosed with illnesses such as dementia, cancer, arsenic poisoning ..... So I started with them giving the friend with dementia the rent free use of one of our two homes, I have given over $3,000 for medical treatment to the friend with arsenic poisoning, I gave our second car to my cousin with cancer, and it really does go on and on. Because I am so busy pursuing this, I give almost no thought to my own condition. I belong to an Interfaith Center whose purpose is spiritual growth and have served on their Caring Committee and their Board. My husband and I do the accounting for the Center, free of charge of course. I try to be very cheerful when I talk with strangers on the phone, and it almost always returns cheerfulness to me. I try to remember to smile and again be cheerful when I go to stores or other establishments. Oh my, trying to cover 4 years is a bit much so I will cease and desist, but will try to post things as they happen in the future. Thank you so much for creating this website. IT IS AWESOME!!! AND SO NEEDED ESPECIALLY NOW IN OUR COUNTRY!

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