I experienced kindness in December.
My best friend and I were on a very long road trip through the country. In the 2 weeks prior to our departure, I had some damage to my car due to vandalism and a guy who reversed into me, but I decided to postpone the repairs until we were back - I just wanted to get going on the road trip and relax.
Two weeks into the trip, on Christmas Day, we drove through a town known for its low crime stats and we decided to stop to buy takeaway lunch. A group of street children ran to us as soon as we got out of the car and started begging for money, and we basically ignored them (standard practice in RSA - not because we're unkind, but giving the beggars money results in them buying sweets and/or [more often than not] alcohol and drugs).
We walked into the shop, only to be followed by one of the kids claiming that one of the others has broken my car's window. We ran outside and sure as hell, my rear passenger window was broken. Thankfully, nothing was stolen, but I freaked out - that was the fourth incident in less than a month; I was worried about insurance claims; we still had about 250 km to drive that day and were 8 days away from being home; most of the shops around us were closed due to the holiday...
I was completely overwhelmed and crying uncontrollably.
A police car drove by and I flagged them down.
Another car also approached the man pulled over to try to assist.
In the end, the man went and bought duct tape, found cardboard box, and proceeded to patch up the window with a true South African taxi-style window replacement.
I forgot to ask his name after I thanked him, and when I offered to repay him, he refused and asked that we just please visit the town again and not let this taint our memories of the place. I said "of course we'll visit again" - and I meant it - and he basically smiled, turned around and left.
That cardboard window lasted three days (although we fortified it with some more duct tape on the day following the incident, in case of rain), after which I got to a glass fitment centre in a big city and had it replaced.
There are so much negative news about RSA out there and it affects me. But this man made my day and gave me a little more hope in the people of RSA.

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