When arriving in the Philippines, we - my boyfriend and I - met a guy on the plane who was really nice to chat to and on getting off the plane, he invited us to share a taxi with him. Being accustomed to this day and age, our defence went up and we had to seriously think about it. Is he going to kidnap us? Or take us to his friends' shop and force us to buy things?! We decided to take him up on the offer and he not only ensured we got to our hostel - like RIGHT to the door - he paid for the taxi and after making sure we were settled in, he disappeared. Ten minutes later, he returns to give us his number and his sisters - she worked at a local airline and could help us with flights - and told us if we needed any help or advice, we only needed to call. I mean, wow. What a nice guy! And generally, all the people we met in the Philippines were.

  • United Kingdom