This week, I performed a Shakespeare scene with my class mate and very good friend. We really enjoyed all of it, and it went really well! I was sad not to have to do it again. The next day, my friend told the class that he was under a lot of pressure from other commitments, and felt under a lot of stress. We all said we were there to support him.
I wasn't quite sure what I could do to help, but I'd wanted to say thank you for all the hard work he'd done on the Shakespeare anyway, then it hit me! Drawing is something I enjoy! So I decided to draw a Chibi Hamlet and Gertrude, our characters and give it to him as a thank you card.
I gave it to him this morning, and even though it's not much, he seemed genuinely thrilled, and it made me feel like I'd done something, it was a lovely thing to share with him.

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