I was in a small food chain with my Flex Teens family when there were suddenly 2 young girls who were begging at the cashiers if they could have food to fill their hunger. They were bringing big sacks that were filled with trash. I was so disappointed with how the cashiers responded since they just sued them away instead of giving at least a little amount of food for them. I really have soft hearts for streetchildren and so I went to the two girls and asked them to sit down and asked them what they wanted to eat. They were very shy to tell me the food that they want to eat and just let me decide anyways and so i bought them chicken and some drinks. I asked them where their parents were and they said collecting trash too for their family. My heart cried. It made me realize how lucky I am with my parents. When they were done, they kept saying thank you and went away. I went over to the cashier and gave some bills and told them if there would be another homeless person who would ask for food, that would be their payment.

  • Philippines