Today or yesterday my fiancé and I got into a very petty argument and I felt like I had to do something creative to keep my mind off of the wrong things and on something productive. So I went out to Walmart to pick up some items to created a painted wooden picture with a positive quote or scripture on it, and While in line waiting to be checked out I looked to my right and saw a young mother struggling with her items in hand. She obviously didn't have a cart and was having a hard time holding all that she wanted to purchase to I graciously took my items in hand and moved some to the bottom of the cart and asked, "would you like to sit those items here while we wait". Her reaction was enough for me. She seemed amazed that another young woman would help her even in the smallest way. She then asked if I could watch her items because she forgot something in the car, which I did it only took her maybe 50 seconds or so. And I honestly walked out of Walmart feeling accomplished and proud that I didn't let my petty argument with my fiancé ripple out into my reactions towards others.

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