Whew, ok so I have a particular day in mind that was a roller coaster. I was having a terrible day and was very depressed. On my walk to the train from work, I heard a man asking for food. I stopped, offered to buy him dinner and let him get whatever he wanted. He kept turning to me to ask if each item was ok, and I kept telling him to get whatever he wanted. I wanted to stay and talk to him for a bit, but I had to rush to get to a team meeting for a grad school class, so I told him to have a good night and continued on my way feeling a bit happier and glad that I could help. On the train, I noticed an elderly gentleman drop a clearly old picture of a young man, it looked like he was in a military uniform, as he stood to get off. I pointed it out to him, and his extremely grateful response confirmed that the picture meant a lot to him. By this point, I was feeling great, I love how kindness is so uplifting. I got off the train and onto a crowded bus for the last part of my commute, and a man offered me the seat beside him. I thanked him and sat down, at which point he said, "I wanted you to sit here because you're white and I don't want to sit with those people." I live in a very diverse area, so many people on the bus were not white. My heart sank, and I got up and said, "I would rather stand." He tried to defend his comment, but I wouldn't tolerate it and got out of the seat while telling him I would not be part of his racism. I felt completely disheartened that someone would make a comment like that, but I felt glad that I stood up to him and made it clear that his behavior was unacceptable. I was also glad that someone else got to have the seat, since a long bus ride standing up can be hard. This didn't have a direct effect, and it certainly won't solve racism, but if it made that man think about his actions for even a minute, that could be the start of a little bit of change. I hope so, at least.

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