A year and a half ago, i ordered a flower bouquet to be delivered because i was not on that town and couldn't do it myself. The delivery guy went to the house twice but nobody opened the door. The lady from the flowershop called to tell me it wasn't possible to deliver the flowers. I got really sad at the time cause i picked the flowers, i wasted some money and by the end of the day it was all in vain. Obviously this wasn't their fault at all. On the next day the lady from the flowershop called back and said "i got really sad about this situation too and coudn't stop thinking about it, look, i will sell this bouquet to someone else, and anytime you want, anytime, even if only in December, you call me back and ask me for a new bouquet and we deliver it, i will not forget this, cause this is how we work". I said thank you, but there was no need, and i asked her to give it away to a random stranger.

  • Portugal