Today, I begin my first steps towards writing my kindness story. I don't feel it is something I'm ready to look back on yet, as it is something that will remain infinitely incomplete and perfectly imperfect. The road towards kindness is something never ending but I would like to log this as the beginning of my journey.

From a young age, I have forever longed to be talented. I've never massively excelled above others at one particular thing, and as a result have alway felt a little lost as to exactly what it is I have to offer the world. From this, I have recognised and accepted the fact that I may not be the world's greatest singer, or a wonderful artist. However, something I do enjoy, and something that isn't competitive or only for personal gain, is being kind.

When you take a second to step outside of your own personal sphere and detach yourself from all hangups and concerns, I think everyone can realise the true beauty of kindness. Kindness is something that will never run its course, there will always be a need and in many cases it costs nothing.

It bothers me how individualised we are becoming as a society and how others' requests for help can be so swiftly ignored. I find upsetting how easily people's problems can be displaced and passed on for someone else to deal with, so effortlessly and care free. Or in the same respect, the lack of recognition that stands for those who do go above and beyond to improve the lives of others.

It saddens me how much hate individuals can have for one another over simplistic differences, instead of appreciating the fact that we all indeed have more in common. I have come to realise that kindness stands to be one of the most beautiful and effortless talents we all possess and one of the most powerful weapons at everyone's disposal. So I guess my kindness story is about attempting to help others realise this too.

It seems its far to easy to get caught up in the negatives of life, to recognise what we don't have as posed to what we do. I recognise being kind to everyone is something that can be far easier said than done, but no great change ever happened over night. Bringing light and warmth into the lives of others is something that is progressive, and something that can be started by just delivering a small dose of kindness.

With that said, the truth is my kindness story is just beginning to be written. Adopting this outlook of love and positivity has inspired me to launch my own project, aiming to help as many people as possible through random acts of kindness and help. By doing so, I hope to meet as many different people as possible and offer them a helping hand. I want to try to remove the blinkers and step into other's shoes for a second in attempt to understand what is going on in their world.

In terms of my project, no gesture will be seen as too little and no task, that can be accomplished with time and effort, will be too large. Whether its as simple as helping someone cross the road, painting a fence or giving someone a hug. My only rule is that money cannot be exchanged in either direction.

Whilst many might not see the point, and attempting to incorporate a little bit of kindness into every day life may be a long shot off generating world peace - hopefully I'll get a few smiles, a couple of laughs and maybe even gain a few friends along the way. The point I'm trying to make is that we might not all have bags of money to give away, but we all can find some time to do things for others that can really make a big difference.

Kindness is a gateway to acceptance, acceptance warrants understanding and understanding can help us generate positivity.

Love all, trust few, do wrong to no one.

Happy Wednesday

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