An act of kindness for...

Be kind to a classmate

Every morning i going to school with many different moods 😂
But when I see my classmates my mood completely change, probably not all of my classmates make me happy but the most of them and I also nice and kind to my classmates. One upon the time when came to my maths class late and the teacher telling me that "you're ok" and I was thanks God .But my 1 of my classmate he telling that I'm late and I have to go to take tardy pass and he treat me like worst person. But in the class we have some hard work and my classmate he doesn't know how to do it and he going to ask me about that and I helped him to finish the work and I give him a nice smile and he asked me like "why you so kind to me " and I just tell him that BE KIND TO YOUR CLASSMATES 😂" And he also smilling and right now we are really good friends at class.

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