This is post about a missed act of kindness and I hope I can summon up the courage to lower my own barriers and engage in acts of kindness.
Last night, I was at a food center close to my home and an elderly man stood before me in line and looking at his back, I was overcome with an overwhelming sense of sadness that I couldn't explain. The first thought that crossed my mind was that I had to buy him his dinner but I didn't know how to make that offer without offending him. As I stood in line hesitating, I missed the opportunity to offer to pay. I contemplated giving him a bill that I knew would cover the meal and some but again I hesitated as I feared being berated for offending him. As I walked away last night, I was filled with regret. I'm not sure if any of you have had similar conflicting thoughts while committing to your acts of kindness but I really struggle to take the initiative for fear of offending someone. Till the next one!