3 weeks ago, I had a crazy 2am shift to get to and was running on literally no sleep for a couple of days by then. Fully aware the team I was working with were paying the same sleep debt price I was, I decided to grab coffee for everyone enroute in. I had booked an Uber ride to get to the office and the walk to the office from the closest 24hr Starbucks was at least a good 15mins. The thought of walking with 10 cups of Venti sized coffee with zero sleep killed me. So i gently suggested and asked if my Uber driver would mind making a stop for me to pick up coffee for the team before we make our way to our final destination. He said yes! I was surprised. IT IS EXTREMELY RARE for drivers in Singapore to literally go the extra mile and he even turned down my offer to update the stops so he gets fully paid for the extra trip journey. It literally felt like my lucky day and his act of kindness boosted my energy levels and trust in humanity! To repay him for his kindness, I offered to get him a cup of coffee too and he even gave me the $$ to pay for it which was ridiculous. When I dropped off, I left the $10 bill in the backseat and thanked him for his act of kindness. 2 weeks later, I noticed an email from Uber alerting me that I had potentially left something behind. When I connected with the driver, it turned out to be this same man who wanted to buy me a cuppa in return for my treat. It's crazy but I'm pretty sure our mutual acts of kindness made both of our days. #choosekindness