I think on my spring break my project will be to make care packages 📦 for the homeless. Last night I was driving around running errands and found myself a bit annoyed because I had spent so much money helping others and I now had to budget what was suppose to be a free check. (All of my bills were paid earlier in the month).

So I'm dividing my money into categories like oil change, vacation money etc and I decided to grab subway for dinner because I had a coupon that would help me save and as I was cleaning my car out in the parking lot I spotted a man at the door. As soon as I approached him he asked for change so he could eat. Without thinking twice I said follow me I'll buy you a meal and so he did.

I ended up using the coupon for his meal and paying full prize for mine. Although I had plenty money I wanted to save some, giving I was stressing about up coiming bills. I purchased two complete meals for the both of us and gave him the nine singles I had in my pocket. And I had just came from the grocery store so I also handed him a small snack I had purchased for myself, so that I won't spend money on take out during the week.

After I drove home I felt a tug on my spirt to go back and grab some things from the dollar store and bag it for him. When I passed subway on the way to the dollar store he was already gone.

So long story short next time I'd be prepared. I'll make care packages next week and keep them in my car for encounters like such.

Hope this motivates you to bless someone you encounter today.

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