An act of kindness for...

Compliment a stranger

Me and my friend were on the subway, back in the day when I used the subway daily, and we were going back home from school. At that time we were 2nd shift which means that we stayed at school until about 18:30, some days even 19:10. So the ride home on the subway was really crowded, because naturally everyone is going back home from work that time around. Me and my friend are literally stuffed next to the door, everybody is so annoyed and sweaty and to be honest with you, the environment we were in was not very kind-friendly or inviting to do kind things. But thats when I saw this indian girl right next to us and I remember thinking how extremely beautiful she was. I whispered to my friend and she looked over aswell, agreeing that the girl was very beautiful. I was like ''I really want to tell her.'' and my friend was like ''Well go for it.'' and at first I didn't want to, because as we all know we live in a world where even compliments can be a threat so I didn't want to bother her. But then my friend said ''Come on, I dare you.'' and I just tought oh what the hell, I turned around and I told the girl how beautiful she was. She gifted us both with the brightest smile and a warm thank you. The subway was suddenly barable.

  • Bulgaria