I have done this a few times, having in mind that some of my closest friends happen to not live near me. We communicate over the internet and the phone, of course, but sometimes I just feel the need to send a letter. Feels like a secret little gift for them. When it arrives it's kind of a surprise for me aswell, because I never know when it will arive. But when it does the call me or text me and it makes them so happy. A little story about this, once I was feeling extra poetic and I decided to send a letter to one of my friends that lives in my country, but in a different city. It was just the beginning of autumn, and the leaves and colors were so beautiful that on my way to the post office (I was with my bike) I couldnt help but pick up some leaves and just stuff them in the letter. Some time later, when he got the letter, he called me laughing so hard because the leaves had, of course, dried out in the letter and when he opened it they just crumbled on his carpet. He was still happy with it tho :D

  • Bulgaria