[/!\i'm french excuse the english please/!\] okay so basically i was thinking about my old guitar teacher who like made me discover something really new to me by the time that totally changed my life and is still doing so to be honest (this thing was named pink floyd) and then i changed ways and opted for bass instead i kind of lost contact with him and kind of always regretted it and today was actually the third day in a row that i had the idea of calling him and thanking him for pink floyd so i finally got myself to call him (and i wish i had done it earlier) i really hoped he hadn't changed number and thankfully he didn't. When he finally picked up the phone i was like "hey man remember me ?" and he replied something like "of course i remember you!" then i like gathered myself together and told him i wanted to thank him he asked what for and then i told him about how much the discovery of pink floyd has been changing and is still changing my life today and he kind of ended like woah that's really not a thing people do usually and we ended up agreeing that i wasn't really a usual kid :') and it kind of hurt to think that what i did isn't a thing that people would usually do but i'm actually really glad i turned him into a cute mushy mess it was really sweet to hear i can't wait to do something like this again.

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