Kindness... isn't just an act... is also a feeling! I've tried until last year to live with the feeling of being someone to others. But everything changed when I started to think that I deserve to be myself. Since then I always try to talk with people that have the same problem. And most of them changed. When you do a kind act you're not a hero for others... You're a hero for yourself! What makes me help others isn't the thought of others for me... Is the feeling I get that makes me live longer. Most of us don't do what is best for us, but what is best for what people think about us! This is a terrible thing! Yesterday I was returning home from school... And I was sitting in the bus. Then a woman from a different ethnic minority with a cart with two children in it was trying to get in the bus... Her old mom was trying to help her put the cart in. No one tried to help them, they kept staring at them and asking them self should they help them. I heard some students making joke of them. OMG! Was the worst thing. So I didn't wait a boy to help them. I did it by myself. I helped them not because no one did, but because they are humans and they needed help. They didn't thank me. But I wasn't even feeling bad that they didn't, because you don't need a thank or thankful word to feel good... You need the feeling of being a human!

  • Kosovo