The one in this picture is my alma mater's one of the many caretakers. We address the caretakers of our school as "Aaya Didi" ( means: a domestic servant ). I don't know how many would find this an act of kindness, but I did feel immensely happy while clicking a picture with her. She is my favorite didi. I still remember how our friendship started. It started with the sharing of a "strawberry swiss roll". It was the tiffin break and I had two packets of swiss roll with me. I was roaming around the school with my friend when I happen to meet her, sitting down on the floor, hungry. Seeing that packet in my hand, she asked me," Yeh kya hai aapke haath meh? ( What's in your hand?)", all amazed (for she had never had such nice rolls and delicious meals) ,to which I replied, " Yeh swiss roll hai didi, aap le lijiye, mere paas hai ek aur ( This is swiss roll. You can have this, I have one more with me)" and I kept it in her hand, readily. I felt so joyous then. I felt proud of myself. I felt happy about myself. One packet cost a lot to me, but for her, it was something she couldn't afford, at all. I could afford it easily. I felt so happy. I did something which other students of my school wouldn't have done. I helped her fill her empty stomach. From that day, we are the best of friends. the picture above is from my school's last Christmas celebration day. I miss my school so much and so do I miss her company. I decided to take a picture with her, so that I could cherish my friendship with her, so that, I could celebrate this lady's goodness and smiling countenance despite all the hardships she goes through. "A picture with the domestic servant? Who'd do that? Come on! She is not of your standards too." Oh! Aditi, don't stoop so low. How can you even touch her?" I hardly cared about such comments coming from mates. Notice, I mentioned "mates". NOT "my mates". Such people cannot be "my mates". I felt happy about one thing and it was, this picture, and, ALL THE LOVE which didi and I share, the bond which we have made. I think, it's simple and sweet having a picture with someone who does so much for your welfare.
I think kindness is much more about how much you can keep others happy around yourself. It is not just an act, it is a ripple which you create in the ocean of happiness. One gesture of kindness can create endless ripples.
God bless all.
God has been kind.
Thank you for everything.

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