This has happened so often with me during my daily routine to college by City Bus. And in my case, am in India and it's so worse here travelling in a city bus. It's always crowded and so hard to get a seat to sit on. So as college students we find out ways to book out seats that are as soon a bus comes to a stop we are so ready to put out bags through the window of the seats that getting empty or empty before. So in this way, we get our seats booked "sometimes" lol. It's a rush in such situations and some days we hardly even get a window open lol (Monson) hehe. So coming back to the topic. We (classmates) once all got a seat to settle down during the journey and were comfortably settled and chit chatting with each other. In between came a third stop where other passengers climbed on the bus. But it was already full and so they just had to stand by and hold the hanging handles of the bus. No sooner did the bus start and I saw an old near the door of the bus settled down on the stairs of the bus. I was so disturbed and told my friend to keep my seat. I went to the old lady and told her please come and sit on the chair "Baa". Baa meaning granny. We all give respect to elderly people this way. I brought her to my seat and made her comfortable. My friend too felt the kindness and he was so pleased that we shared a seat both of us all journey. The Baa was like "God Bless You". (In Indian language she said "Bhagwan taru bhalu kare").

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