Usually, I am a soft hearted person. whenever I get opportunity, i try to help people. It gives me pleasure. I do it for myself and my Almighty. But i prefer not to sow off those things to be praised by others. But when i see that if i show off some good deeds and many people can be inspired by me , then I don't hesitate to do that.

Today when i was going to attend my course on a local bus, i saw an old man of around 65 got into the bus but there was no sit available for him. So without any hesitation i stood up and gave him to sit . (I didnt take any photo, the photo used is from google)

Even when i see woman standing then i do the same . Its not that hard work. When i see a smiling face from those person then i feel so happy that i cant even buy by million dollars. So lets try to respect elder people and when you will be elder you will get the same you give.

  • Bangladesh