For years now I'm helping one young girl to make her dreams come true .
It stared with first class when I saw here and immediately fall for here . She is a child that lives in home with Catholic sisters who are taking care off her. Her parents don't have much to give here. Only four wall's , tv and maybe a good meal from time to time. They are good people , but education she wants , they can't afford.
She loves to dance and for years now that is the only thing that she loves to do. I saw that in her on first class . She was shy and very emotional , still is :). I devoted my free time in work with her. Help her to become stronger and more great full for everything . I become her teacher , mentor and friend.
After many talks and ups and downs , together we managed to enter in ballet high school.
I took her with me on the vacation and on classes for dance. It was present from me to here. She is a strong young girl , and everything that she needs is love ,hug and support :). That is what I gave .... I 'm proud teacher and a friend :)

  • Macedonia