I take bus everyday to the university . When ever i see an elder citizen , a pregnant lady or a mother with children i dont think twice to offer my seat . I always used to do that and its one of the good things to do according to our culture . It feels really good even tho the bus is crowded i dont hesitate to offer the seat because i am young and i have the strength to bare standing up . And its my habbit if i am seated , i will take the bags of pple who are standing if the bag rack is full . I would kindly ask for the bag and i will keep it for them . I know some ppl who dont even look up . They keep looking at their phones , i have experienced that , its really hard to go standing up for 30mins till the bus stop with a heavy bag its really hard , so i would help them too . That makes me happy and the one who i helped happy . ❤

  • Sri Lanka