Hello kind ones,
I have just learned about a wonderful way to reach out to not only refugees but to neighbors who may be struggling. From a video I watched on Facebook from the publication called The Guardian they posted a short video on Friendship Benches. It is a way to promote sitting with someone in need to talk about their troubles, be heard and supported and feel better in the end. I tried to download the video for you all to watch but was unable to.
My mission today is to talk to my local Food Coop and see if the bench on the grounds there could be used as such a bench and have certain hours that I could sit there and be an open heart and ear with the intention to create this supportive tool for refugees in the neighborhood or those in need of simply talking and feeling supported.

I would love for you to view the video. It is beautiful and something we can all create in our own communities.

Blessings to your day.❤️

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