The other night, while out to eat, I saw what looked like a single mom & her son having dinner. I overheard them talking about costs of things & how to order & the boy said he would pay the extra $2 for something more he wanted. I also noticed that they both had water. Either trying to be healthy or not have the extra cost if soda drinks, I'm not sure which. It hit me that they would really appreciate a free meal & a dessert added. As I approached their waitress, her first question was if I knew them. Her reaction when I said no almost brought me to tears. We just don't see that much anonymous giving these days. She said she was so glad to see kindness in the world or people doing good things. I also realized that it would be a gift to her to make sure she received a great tip & to be able to inform them of their treats for the evening. I didn't stay to watch their reaction, but I can imagine it meaning a lot to just know that a stranger cared & wanted to be nice to them for no reason. Who knows what their week had been like? Who knows how it will affect them from that moment on? What will they do for fun or necessity with the extra money? All wonderful things that boosted my heart & soul. I beamed as I left my table & heard the waitress give them some extra time & conversation, almost as if she wanted to know them better. How many lives can we affect with one good deed, including our own?

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