I got this from one of my adult children a little while ago. I am so proud of the truly good person he is:
"Mom you would be proud. I just hired a gentlemen that I found on the side of the street holding a sign that said he has multiple felonies but hasn't been in trouble in 7 years, has a kid on the way but no one will hire him so he was pan handling. I flipped around gave him my card and told him if he really wants a job to come in tomorrow and I'd interview him, he showed up so I hired him and he starts today as a dishwasher!!"
My response:
"Oh my God! I am so very proud of you! That's awesome! You are awesome! Just remember, he at have some difficulty knowing how to work, with having clean and appropriate clothes, getting to work on time. I know you have a business to run, and I hope you can be patient with him. I love you!"
Then me again:
"Can you imagine him going home that day with your card, then after the interview, now having a job, telling his girlfriend and her parents, him taking out your card to show them, as proof someone was willing to give him a chance, the excitement, the joy, the anticipation of a chance to turn their lives around, the hopes and dreams developing! I am deeply touched by your kindness just thinking about it."
And me again:
"You changed many lives, his baby's, his, his girlfriend's, her parents', and who knows how far those ripples will go."

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