My sisters got locked out of their apartment.. Long story... But I went over to help them get back in. It was a freezing icy day. One of their neighbors kindly let them use their phone and let them stay in their house till help arrived. On my drive there, I saw a homeless man asking for help on the side of the road, which was actually rare for the town. Remember it was freezing out! I helped my sisters and headed home. Well I saw the man again. I had just found $100 in an old birthday card the day before. Well I knew immediately what to do with this surprise money. I turned around and pulled up to the man. I asked him how he was doing. He had no gloves on and looked chilled to the bone. I then pulled out the money and gave it to him asking him to use the money for a warm room and some food. He was so grateful and said he could make it stretch several days at a local motel. It was a good day of multiple acts of kindness from different people. I really hope I did help that gentleman that unexpected cold day.

  • United States