I went to a local shopping center to purchase a pair of sneakers for one of my foster children and heard a child begging the mother for a pair of sneakers, when I saw the the four children, one of which stated she needed a pair of shoes for the school dance, they were in such disarray, after about 15 min of hearing the begging and the mother saying she does not have money and can only get one for the child who had only slippers on, they didn't see me and no one else was around so it wasn't staged, they really looked like they needed a lot of help, being a foster parent I get some kind of way about there unkept appearance, so I went to where they were and told the mother that if she didn't mind, that I would like to buy each of the children a pair of shoes or sneakers if there choice, she was shocked and said "are you sure, thank you " the kids were excited and ran all around trying to find the right pair. I told the mother that I would pay for it and give her the receipt. I was grateful that I had money available at the time, I asked if I could pray for them and they allowed me to. I love doing random acts.

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