I was in Peru in the 80's. My plan was to serve humanity. It did not go that well. It was a harsh environment and I missed home and its comforts. I was living with friends in a 4th floor appartment. I could see the patio from there. There was no running water. Many peasants send their children to the city as servants with the hope they will go to school and get educated. This child was only 7 and obliged to carry water from a well to a tank in the 4th floor. She was little and every time I tried to touch her head or say something kind to her she trembled. One day as she was working, I saw her from the window and it occurred to me that she would love to have a doll and I asked her if she wanted a rug doll I had. She happily accepted and I threw the doll down from the window to the patio where she was. I advised her to hide it. I did not want anybody to take that from her. One year later She came running and hugged me. She was with an old lady in the market :)

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