An act of kindness for...

Compliment a stranger

As we all the know the social networking that is going on around the world and connecting people from different corners of the world that is facebook, twitter, instagram etc. So i too have experienced alot of socialisation with strangers and friends too. So i have one of this friend from Melbourne, Sydney "Marija Boskovski" whom i dont know much neither does she know me much. But we became friends on facebook just anonymously. I used to get suggestions of friends on facebook and she was one of them. So one day i tried to look at her profile to see and explore her more. She really had nice post which were too liked by me. Sharing love and friendly quotes, travelling new places and sharing the pics too. She is indeed a traveller and she explores nice places. So one day i needed help on a song which i had heard but dint know the name of the song and i was really in need for that song. So i tried searching youtube with the lyrics that could understand but no luck. So then i thought of my stranger friend and i sent her a fb message asking her for help. With no other questions, she said sure... So i sent her the little part of the song i had recorded in the event that i had heard. I sent it to her and within no seconds, she replied to me with song name and i searched immediately on Youtube and got it. I was so thankful to her and she smiled and was happy to have such stranger friends. Not every stranger behaves strange, some strangers really mean friendship worth. So am glad to have a friend like her. 😊

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