There is a young homeless man that begs close to my work. He carries a board saying, "Wife was stolen by Ninjas, I need R5 for Kung Fu Classes". He always has a smile on his face. One day, I was having a terrible day and was crying in my car. He saw my tears and approached me, asking me to open the window. I began scratching around looking for change when he told me to stop. He then went on to tell me that people swear at him every day and that they say very ugly things to him. He told me that no-one can make him sad or angry in his heart and that it can be the same for me.

Hearing this from someone that has virtually nothing, it really inspired me to carry his message along to others. I have donated clothing, warm shoes and socks and various other much needed items to him and hope to do more for the homeless in my community

  • South Africa