Once me and friends we were having a small party with drink, i was so tired that day that the drinks kicked me hard I almost faint I was so dizzy I couldn't move. There was that girl who took care of me massaged my head and gently rubbed my face with a wet tissue. The next day I didn't remember, and she said nothing yet my friends told me about it. It was sooo special to me . The next week I asked her to help me to buy a gift for a friend. We went to a flower store ( she used to work as a florist) and I asked her to fix it as she wish with her own type, she picked her favorite rose adding this and that favorite color and stuff. After we went out I gave her the rose and said "thank you for taking care if me that day". The look on her face was marvelous!.

I got inspired by the video of a guy simply helping people and being kind .. the day after tomorrow is my birthday so tomorrow hopefully ill go to dubai mall ( largest mall in the country) and try to help people and draw a smile on their faces.

  • United Arab Emirates