Bought a bunch of (beautiful!) kids books at a rummage sale. Getting more this week at a local library's book sale on $1/bag day. Planning on gathering them up, giving most to the local Boys and Girls Club, and some to the Little Free Library box outside of a local food pantry, which has a kids section for English and Spanish books. Last time I brought books (and perfectly good basketballs I found at a yard sale) to the Boys and Girls Club they were very glad to have them! I love picking out books with beautiful illustrations, an inspiring or character-building message, or one with loads of information about science, history, etc. This bunch happens to have some really inspiring books for young girls, like 'A is for Abigail' and 'The Most Magnificent Thing', and several books featuring farm animals - because I'm vegan and I can't resist promoting compassion towards these amazing creatures we share this world with! This act is easy and fun to do, and you can be as anonymous as you like, especially when tucking books into Little Free Libraries. Also, if there isn't a place to give books in your community, why not start one?

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