There is a homeless man sitting in front of the supermarket I go to. We have no languages in common, but I guess a smile in international enough. I always go say Hello first, ask him what he wants to drink or to eat and add it to my cart. After my shopping, I stay for a couple of minutes and we try to communicate. We've made it as far as "home" (he is from Bulgaria / my home is across the street), "children" (he has 5 of them, they all live in Bulgaria, they are different sizes), "boyfriend" (my boyfriend is nice to me, he works) "work" (I came from work), "beautiful" (he tells me), "appendicitis" (one of his kids is sick and hasn't enough money to get surgery) and today "good" (that's what I am because I stop and chat instead of passing by and ignoring him). He made my day.

  • Germany