The other day i was at the hospital for a check up, my husband also works in the same hospital. I met a senior colleague of his, who out of respect of our first meeting gave me a box of chocolates. Patchi, that happen to be my all time favourite. I was carrying that bag along everywhere through the hospital and later i was sitting at the waiting area with a cafe nearby. In front of me a couple was sitting with their two kids aged around 3 and 4. It was a boy and a girl drinking hot chocolate. The little girl accidentally spilt hers on her brother and herself and in an instant there was this havoc. They both started crying and the boy wasn't ready to share his hot chocolate but her mother made them share. Yet they both ended up crying and just didn't stop. Their father had left to get some tissues etc. I was seeing all this, the mom was embarrassed as the kids didn't stop, so i offered them both the chocolate. They instantly stopped crying. I opened the box and offered them the individually wrapped bars. They picked one each and settled down on sofa. I insisted their mom to have one too and told her that kids are like this everywhere. This is what it means to be kids, you don't have to be apologetic embarrassed. She was happy and relaxed and kids were back to being calm.
For me this act required some effort because i suffer from social anxiety. It's not much but it's the beginning and this community inspired me to do this little act.

  • United Arab Emirates