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There's this running campaign here in the Philippines, #ReadOutLoudChallenge, that will help an organization build school libraries for Filipino kids. It's being run by a bookstore company named National Book Store with the agreement that in every 75 videos uploaded, NBS will build 1 school library. They are targeting 100 libraries so it will take them 7,500 videos.

Cut the long story short, I participated and I was overwhelmed that I've sent the message across. I challenged my friends and I'm happy that they are in with it too. I'm just happy that in our own little way, we are helping others, we are extending our help to those who need it and it is really good to think that people are still there for each other.

If you want to join (please do help us) do the #ReadOutLoudChallenge. You just have to video yourself as you are reading (out loud) a line from your favorite book. Upload it on Facebook/ Instagram/ Youtube and use the hashtags #ReadOutLoudChallenge, #NationalBookStore and PLEASE PUT THE POST ON PUBLIC so it'll be counted.

If you have still have questions please see link below:

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